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Onyx Management and Consulting, LLC is dedicated to improving the communities in which you live and work.  With board members serving as volunteers, why not let a professional management company take away the anxiety and stress of Association management?  Let our consultant experts help your business in areas of profitability, motivation, emergency preparation.

Our company works with Associations in a role to help best understand the governance and management that works for your members.  More importantly, our goal is to help board of directors feel confident in their ability to make quality decisions affecting their communities and businesses.


With a pro-active mindset, Onyx strives to anticipate the short term and long term needs of community associations and advise them on the level of preparation for a sense of safety and security while maintaining optimum property values.


In addition to general association accounting and management services, Onyx provides the following:


* Board Retreats to understand by-laws and association governance


*Effective, timely Association meetings keeping all owners well-informed


*Scanning Association files for long term backup eliminating storage needs


*Pro-active plans for emergency management situations


*Lock-box services set-up


*Consulting services for self-managed board of directors


*Basic website set-up for Association membership information

Ease your mind with professional management and consulting services for your Association and Business
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